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AWIN Program Director nominated to serve on the SAFECOM Emergency Response Council

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October 2, 2009

AWIN Program Director nominated to serve on the SAFECOM Emergency Response Council 

Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) Program Director Penny Rubow was recently named a Public Safety at Large member of the SAFECOM Emergency Response Council (ERC) based on her leadership and commitment to improving communications and interoperability. Ms. Rubow was nominated by the SAFECOM Executive Committee (EC). The SAFECOM EC considered many highly qualified individuals for the ERC nomination, but due to limited seats only a few were selected. 

Established in 2001 as a Presidential E-Government Initiative, SAFECOM is a communications program that recognizes the development of sustainable solutions requires a focus on user viewpoints, needs, and requirements. To gather this practitioner insight, the Program established the SAFECOM EC and ERC. The EC and ERC are comprised of representatives of national emergency response associations, policy makers, and emergency responders from all levels of government. Their involvement ensures Federal, State, local, and tribal stakeholders have a voice in the development of nationwide planning efforts. Through this relationship, SAFECOM has been able to achieve a shared vision, advance coordination, and define long-term goals within the emergency communications community.

SAFECOM ERC members are committed to meeting with the committee biannually, participating in working groups or action teams throughout the year, sharing communications successes and challenges with other members, learning from fellow members, and sharing lessons learned with the community. SAFECOM is managed by the DHS Office of Emergency Communications (OEC). 

Ms. Rubow is a Senior Project Manager for the Arkansas Department of Information Systems (DIS) and serves as the Director of the AWIN Program. In this role she works closely with state and local officials to develop strategic direction, policies and guidelines, identify funding strategies, and ensure the long term success of the AWIN program. She is responsible for the maintenance and operation plans for the program, monitors AWIN related projects, tracks budgets and funding, monitors vendor contracts, and communication of program information to all stakeholders. 


Contact: Penny Rubow, AWIN Program Director at 501.682.5358 or, or Rachel Reginelli, DIS Communications Manager at 501.682.5035 or 



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