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Bandwidth for Educational Enhancement Initiative (BEE)

DIS is actively seeking solutions to the ever changing bandwidth needs that are cost effective, safe, and secure. As a result, we’re now offering a “consumer class” connectivity option that utilizes high bandwidth solutions with lower service level options for non-business critical Internet applications. This lower service level will not have 24 X 7 monitoring or after hours support. As a result, there may be a two to three day delay before service is restored. Also, DIS will not have the ability to troubleshoot slowness issues on the consumer class connections. Since this additional bandwidth is needed to enhance internet connectivity needs, and is not essential for business critical applications, it provides a more cost effective solution to an increasing dilemma. The recommendation includes a hardware solution that will allow bandwidth to be aggregated from multiple providers, or points of connection, and subsequently route requests from local users to the appropriate connection based on the destination.

Web Content Filter

School districts will be required to utilize local a Internet Content Filter.  This can be a currently local provided filter device  or can be an extension of the State provided M86 filter service. DIS has negotiated a state contract for an appliance that leverages the state's current investment in Internet Content Filtering with no additional license cost.  Schools may purchase an appliance directly from the state vendor (M86) and receive state contract pricing for the appliance.  Also, DIS will have a service offering for the Internet Content Filter appliance.  You will have the option to purchase or use the DIS service as needed for your network configuration.  A DIS APSCN LAN support team can assist school technology staff with determining the model appliance needed as well as the installation and configuration.  
Please Click here to download our monthly rate sheet for M86 Web Content Filters.

Please Click here to download our ECESSA Aggregation appliance rates.



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