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Centrex Telephone Service

DIS Centrex telephone service is a full-service telecommunications system that offers many features and functions of private branch exchange (PBX) or key systems. Centrex service is housed in a central office and offers more than 100 features compatible with most existing telephone sets. Trained technicians monitor your system using sophisticated support systems which act to safeguard the service.

The DIS Centrex telephone service comes standard with a multitude of features. Some of the most used features are:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Hold
  • Call Park
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Return
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting-Incoming
  • Caller I D
  • Direct Inward and Outward Dialing
  • Hunting
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Speed Calling
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Leased telephone sets upon request

Telephone Set Options

The customer should expect:

  • Centrex does not require a large up-front investment in equipment or allocation of valuable floor space to house your system. You can often re-use your existing station sets, which is helpful for set-up of temporary sites or when your budget is tight. Plus, you pay nothing extra for battery back-ups, redundancy, maintenance, insurance, or upgrades to the system.
  • Centrex service gives you virtually unlimited room for growth. You can add locations, lines, and features to your existing Centrex system based on your business needs. Because Centrex service is easy to learn, you don't have to worry about business disruptions while users grow accustomed to the system.
  • With Centrex, your local telephone service provider constantly upgrades your Centrex service at the central office to keep pace with the latest in technology. This guarantees that you are never locked into an obsolete system.
  • Centrex is engineered as a fully redundant system, following rigorous standards established for the public network. In fact, it uses the same platform that you depend on for 800 service, 911 emergencies, and your residential service. Even during a power outage, Centrex remains operational to allow you to meet commitments to customers.
  • Centrex service from your local telephone company lets you integrate all communications services, without hiring a telecommunications manager. With a call to DIS, you can resolve billing questions or inquire about your service. Skilled personnel are always available to help you fine-tune your Centrex service to keep producing the business results you need.




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