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DIS successfully completes UPS upgrade project

With the completion of the scheduled shutdown of the State Data Center and installation of a second new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the data center is now supported by two fully operational backup power systems. The UPS Upgrade Project included several phases, including the replacement of a 22-year old single UPS solution and the installation of the new redundant unit and supporting equipment. In addition to installing two new UPS systems, DIS Teams continue work to ensure that each system hosted on the data center floor is supported with dual power feeds, providing higher availability of hosted systems for our customers.

On Sunday, November 8th, DIS Teams worked closely with the Arkansas Building Authority (ABA) and Entergy to upgrade and maintain the electrical infrastructure and redundant systems to improve the availability of the State Data Center. The first new UPS was installed in June 2009. After the first new UPS system was installed, many critical hosted systems were cutover and supported by the new UPS and further electrical work was completed to prepare for the installation of the second unit.

Currently, ABA is working to upgrade the chilled water system that provides cooling for the State Data Center. With these improvements to the facility, and two UPS systems supporting critical state systems, the data center will have a higher reliability for state customers and the number of routine maintenance data center shutdowns should be significantly reduced.

DIS is committed to continually working to improve service to our customers and supporting the ever-growing technology needs of our state.


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