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DIS Taking Next Steps in Next Generation State Network Project

DIS teams continue work to implement the Next Generation State Network, most recently with a bid award to a vendor to provide access service connections in the last remaining territory to the new core Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. The state awarded the bid for network connectivity to CenturyLink for most of the company’s incumbent territory. The goals of the network project include a significant reduction in the complexity of the core network, increased reliability and cost effectiveness, and improved network performance. 

There are several next steps for the network project. DIS teams are finalizing provisional rates for connectivity to the new network through the four vendors providing connectivity, including AT&T, CenturyLink, Cox Communications, and Windstream. DIS leadership will then begin the process to obtain approval and publish rates. Customer account managers will begin meeting with customers to discuss requirements and rate options for network services.

DIS teams are also finalizing the co-location for the central office, or merge point, outside of the State Data Center for all vendors providing access to the new network. DIS is currently working with the vendor on a contract agreement and procuring equipment for the location. The network team will begin work with vendors on the rollout of the next generation network in the near future. In order for the rollout to be more cost efficient, DIS will coordinate with vendors to install new routers and disconnect old equipment at local customer sites where feasible, which will minimize travel costs for technicians and prevent overlapping service costs through the old and new routers.

Project team members will soon contact customers for vital information related to network connectivity, and customer cooperation will be key to ensure a smooth deployment of the new network. Network technicians will need information such as router and circuit location environmentals, power and connectivity logistics to the router area, and cabling from the core network end point site to the router, etc. 

DIS will be disseminating more frequent information to customers about the implementation of the Next Generation State Network. Please watch your inbox for more. If you have any questions regarding the new network project, please contact your customer account manager.



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