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FY14 Rate Notifications Sent to DIS Customers

Arkansas Department of Information Systems (DIS) operates within the state of Arkansas to provide information technology services to state agencies and other approved governmental entities. As an internal service fund, DIS operates on a cost recovery basis and is permitted to recover the cost of services but is not permitted to operate at a profit. 

DIS closely monitors over and under recoveries of cost for each line of service. An over or under recovery occurs when the cost of providing a service does not match the amount of revenue received for the service. Rate adjustments are necessary in order to remain compliant with state and federal guidelines and enable the department to recover the costs of providing services to agencies and to return over recoveries of cost for services provided to agencies.

FY14 rate adjustments were reviewed and approved by the Department of Finance and Administration, Joint Committee for Advanced Communications and Information Technology, and Arkansas Legislative Council. Written notification of rate adjustments was sent to DIS customers on October 4, 2013.



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