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New Setting Welcomes IT Leaders to Quarterly Meeting

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LITTLE ROCK��" War Memorial Stadium provided the setting for the quarterly IT leader meeting hosted by the Arkansas State Technology Council and the Arkansas Department of Information Systems.

Speakers for the December meeting included:

  • Phil Billingsley, general manager, Information Network of Arkansas (Mobile Inspection Solutions)
  • Becky Rains, strategic funding program manager, DIS (Briefing: State Network Group Discussion)
  • Don McDaniel, enterprise state network division director, DIS (Next Generation State Network)
  • Max Kolstad, video engineer, DIS (State Video Network-audience survey)
  • Kym Patterson, state chief security officer, DIS; Larry Wayland, rehabilitation technologist, Division of Services for the Blind; and Rachel Buchanan, assistant technology instructor, World Services for the Blind (Accessibility and Technology)
  • Scott Utley, enterprise architect, DIS (Enterprise Architecture and Planning)

Videos of presentations by Billingsley, McDaniel, Patterson, Wayland, Buchanan, and Utley are available at the following links:

  • Scott Utley, Enterprise Architecture and Planning: link

  • Patterson, Wayland, Buchanan, Accessibility Technology: link

  • Phil Billingsley, Mobile Inspection Solution: link

  • Don McDaniel, Next Generation State Network: link





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