Voice Mail 

DIS now offers next-generation voicemail service.  We unite your voice messaging with your email and a dedicated website to give you more control over your inbound calls than ever before. 

DIS Voice Mail service includes:

  • Easy to use prompts
  • Auto Attendant capabilities
  • Expandable Storage Capacity
  • Messages accessible from phones, online, and via email
  • Online interface provides an easy way to manage features
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities

The customer should expect:

  • Easy and familiar messaging:  When operated from your telephone set, this system works the same as any voicemail system you have used before.
  • Voicemail delivered via email at no extra cost.
  • The ability to listen to messages online -- anywhere in the world you have Internet access.
  • The ability to reroute your inbound calls to your cell phone, home phone, or a combination of phones by utilizing the Follow Me feature online.
  • Allow callers to “zero-out” to another phone number so callers always reach a live person.

Voice Mail Guidance

Voice Mail Quick Reference Instructions.pdf

Voicemail User Guide.pdf

Voicemail Web Interface User Guide.pdf

Voice Mail Instructions Cheat Sheet.pdf