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Resources for Management & Sale of State Computer Equipment

Act 1410 of 2001 specifies that all data storage devices should be cleared of all data or software. This also applies to, but is not limited to, all computer hard drives, zip drives and central processing units. Also included are items such as videotapes, floppy disks or any other data storage medium.

Section 4 of Act 1410 of 2001 states that all agencies must have policies and procedures in place for clearing data from storage devices prior to sale, and those policies must be in accordance with the policies of the Executive Chief Information Officer.

Creating a Policy for the Management and Sale of Agency Surplus Computer Equipment

Act 1410 (2001) PDF

Marketing and Redistribution Regulations for Act 1410 of 2001

Computer and Electronic Solid Waste Management
Security and Privacy of Data Held in Electronic Devices



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