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RFQ 470-DIS-AGIO Formal Addendum and Q&A

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RFQ 470-DIS-AGIO Formal Addendum and Q&A

The RFQ opening date is changed to Tuesday May 26, 4:00 p.m.

  1. The RFQ mentions “AGIO systems” on Page 17 (top) in the context of project management. Can you identify the exact management systems (programs, methods, technologies) you are referring to?
    AGIO Systems means Microsoft Office productivity products such as Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, and Project.
  2. The proposal is due on Monday, Memorial Day, a federal holiday. Is it possible to move the date back two days (to Wednesday, 5/27) so as to ensure no disruptions/delays associated with the holiday impact the delivery of proposals?
    Deadline will be changed to Tuesday 5/26/09 4:00 p.m. CDT.
  3. The page limit on PowerPoint Presentation length is ten pages (RFQ, page 15). For presentations that are longer than ten pages, can we select individual (not necessarily sequential) pages from the PPT for inclusion in response to the RFQ?
  4. Deadline for submittals is Memorial Day (May 25, 2009), which I believe is a Arkansas State Holiday. Will the delivery location be open on 5/25/09 for delivery by either FedEx or UPS? (pg 10)
    Deadline will be changed to Tuesday 5/26/09 4:00 p.m. CDT
  5. The communications portion of the proposal is limited to 5 pages with two additional attachments of PowerPoints in an Adobe format limited to 10 pages each. Does this mean that the presentations are limited to 10 individual slides or can the Adobe file be created with multiple slides per page? (pg 15)
    The presentations are limited to 10 individual slides. One slide per page for a total of 10 pages for each presentation.
  6. Does the DIS or AGIO anticipate providing any logistical support for the stake holder meetings with respect to room reservation and other local space/equipment requirements? (pg 9)
    Yes, facility reservation, scheduling, equipment logistics are in progress. AGIO staff will attend the meetings as well to provide additional logistics support.
  7. Should the electronic copies of Power Point presentations required be included on the same media as the required digital copies of the proposal? Are a total of 6 copies of the digital presentations required (one for each of the 4 hard copies and the 2 electronic proposal copies)? (pg 15, 11)
    Yes, the electronic copies of the Power Point presentations should be copied on the same media as the electronic proposal. A total of 2 copies of the Power Point presentations are required that will accompany the electronic proposal copies.
  8. I assume that the answers to all questions will be posted on the “ANNOUNCEMENTS” section of the DIS web site reference in the RFQ. Is this correct?
  9. We were inquiring if there was an established budget range for this project?
    The project is budgeted at $47,000.





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