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Video Conferencing

DIS can help you lower travel and lodging costs, help facilitate distance education, and accommodate telemedicine through our Interactive Video Conferencing Services. To establish a site on the state-wide interactive video network, the location must have video equipment, connectivity, and interactive video service.

If the location has connectivity to the state network that has available bandwidth and is capable of supporting video traffic (generally an ATM connection) then the site can be connected to the state video network for interactive video service. This service provides for unlimited conferencing, unlimited scheduling, system support, troubleshooting, and help desk support.

DIS Interactive Video Conferencing services include:

Interactive Bridging and Scheduling

  • Unlimited conferencing
  • Bridging (more than one site in a conference)
  • Scheduling (operating the bridge or reserving conference on the bridge)
  • Routing of video traffic
  • Video back-bone

The VNET video collaboration network provides integrated support and access to multiple end user interfaces.

  • Support for mobile video conferencing (iOS or Android)
  • Support for traditional H.323/SIP room systems
  • Support for web browser based video conferencing (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Optional streaming, capture, and storage of video conferences 


Quality video conferencing availability target is 99% or greater. End user support is available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (additional service may be arranged by request).

DIS Video Network Services



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